School Meals and Milk

 Spring Summer Menu click here

Boxgrove school meals are provided by Aspens. To choose meals or visit your personal login space at Aspens, please click here. 

If you do not have a meal booked by 8am for your child and they do not have a lunch from home you will be contacted and asked to bring in a packed lunch. 

All children, from Reception to Year 6, must have meals booked in advance by their parents/carers. This can be done up to 8am on the day. At the end of each month, please remember to go through to the next if it is midweek.

If there are any queries regarding the menu, or dietary issues, please contact directly. For issues with the Aspens Select ordering site, please contact 01905 759613 (Option 2). For other lunch questions, please email Mrs Willmott on

All meal credits for Year 3 to Year 6 must be purchased via your Select account. You can purchase single (one meal) credits. If your child is leaving Boxgrove and you still have credit on your account, please contact Aspens directly on and they will process your refund.



If your child has special dietary requirements due to medical or religious reasons it is important that you notify the school, not only for dinners but for class activities using food ingredients. Please click here for a Special Dietary Request Form.

If your child has a serious allergy, you will need to speak to Aspens to discuss dietary needs before they can provide meals. 

Please contact Mrs Willmott on for school dinner enquiries.


Free school meals are available to low income families. Please contact the School Office for more details or complete the Application Form which you can scan or photograph and email to

Pupils in Year R, 1 and 2 are currently entitled to universal Government Funded Free School Meals. Please complete the Government Funded School Meals Form.


If you would like your child to receive milk during the school day, please register at directly. Even if your child qualifies for free milk, you must still register them.